How to automate processes in a company?

Processes and Tasks automated to optimize its efficiency, replacing manual tasks with (RO)BOTs tasks, efficient, fast and secure.

Automated tasks based in the enterprise knowledge and information, with its context, giving them resilience and flexibility.

Using the best techniques provided by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to enhance the bots operational range.

Automatización inteligente Thubantech

What is Intelligent Automation?
Let´s begin: what is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

What is RPA?

RPA automates the usual person tasks with applications:

Open apps (local or web based), read, copy and paste values, operate on them, and apply simple rules

A bot is an automated task or process

What does it allow?

To automate tasks without changing them

Or optimize them first, if required

They are easy to program

(Low code)

What can we use it?

Automate administrative tasks

Automate business and IT processes

Build attended and unattended bots

Automate legacy systems without touching them

Consult a person or an expert when needed by the automation flow

One step further: Intelligent Automation, using ML and AI


Automatic processing scanned documents, PDF´s… extracting the data contained in them, placing it in its context, and making them available to the processes, linking them to any app.


Document processing

Automatic processing scanned documents, PDF´s… extracting the data contained in them, placing it in its context, and making them available to the processes, linking them to any app.

Proceso de documentos con IA y ML

Image processing

Image processing to recognise and classify them, to extract the data, place it in its context, and use it in the automatic processes.

Proceso de imágenes con IA y ML

Language processing

NLP: read documents, emails, analyze the language, understand it, place it in its context, and incorporate this info into the automated processes.

Procesado del lenguaje con IA y ML

Human and AI collaboration

In any case, the combined use of human intelligence and AI/ML techniques allow optimal results in the processes

Colaboración de personas con IA

Artificial Intelligence also allows us:

Process and Task Mining

AI also helps to analyze the organizations processes, to improve them, or to identify the optimal ones for automation.

Process Mining performs an AI based automatic analysis of the processes that are really operating in the companies, by analyzing the enterprise application´s logs.

Task Mining allows to automate document human tasks. Processes and tasks are referred on data. When based on knowledge, we can build robust models, that we can automate with flexibility and resilience vs changes.

Minería de procesos y tareas con IA

Business Digital Twins

Models generated by process mining can also be used to run simulations, by building Business Twins (BDTs), that are well suited to optimize operations, analyzing deviations in the organization, the processes and the envirnment.

What are the benefits of using Intelligent Automation?

Reduce costs, time and errors
When automatizing long and repetitive tasks manually performed by employees
Customer satisfaction
More speed, less mistakes
Rules establised for the processes (Banks, Insurance,..)
Data quality enhancements
Being generated in automatic processes, facilitating its use to train and to exploir ML/AI systems
IA Complex decisions
Increasing the chances to automate (Document and text understanding,...)
Being founded over the company knowledge
Empowering the people
With ad-hoc processes, that let them combine their strengths with those of AI

RPA application cases

Industrias con RPA


Banking & Insurance
Industry & Manufacturing


Human Resources
Customer support
Business Unit

Administrative tasks automation

Document processing automation (bills, proposals, receipts,…)

Linking document data with management, accounting…

Integration with CRM, ERP,…

On-boarding process automation

How do we work in Intelligent Automation

We analyze our customer´s projects

With their collaboration, using powerful tools (AI) such as Process and Task Mining, plus automatic documentation of employees tasks.

We detect the friction points in processes

In collabotaion with our customers, and we analyze their causes, origins and consequences, to design how to limit that friction, building robust processes. In many cases that can be achieved linking the processes with the enterprise knowledge.

We build an automation plan

We recommend the tasks and processes that can yield the higher efficiency and savings, and we build with our customers a process automation route.

RPA Automatización de procesos

We build the bots

Coding the automatic processes, integrating the AI tools, and connecting with the knowledge and context wherever it is located

We deploy

The automatic systems in the organizations, training the users that will collaborate with them, helping them to get the best results

Soluciones RPA

How can RPA save your company time and money?

Learn how to do it through these 2 examples that we show you in our explanatory videos

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